Gratitude Story from Bulgaria

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If you wanted to send a thank-you note to someone in your life, who would it be, and what is one of your best memories of that person? "I would send a thank you note to one man who once picked me up when I was hitchhiking. His name is Ivan. I saw him only once, but it was a memorable experience and I really want to thank him. My story with him began in the summer. I was travelling to the seaside, to one place, called Irakli. This man picked me up from Plovdiv and left me literally on the beach. Through the whole time we spoke a lot and it was really pleasant, as with most people that I have had a hitchhiking experience with. For me, sending him a thank you note is  like sending a note to everyone in the whole world, who are helping people during their travels and who are taking care of others on the road. So,… we were both travelling in the car and he was supposed to leave me on one pathway near the road and then continue his journey.  From there to the beach is like an hour walking. He decided to bring me to the beach, to the end of my destination. He told something like this: “We travelled together now for so many kilometers, I won’t leave you just at the end!”. When we arrived at the beach, he gave me a present. He gave me 2 liters of this traditional alcoholic Bulgarian drink, called rakia. He told me that it was a present in order for me to have a really good time at the seaside, and so I did. Meeting this person was a really nice moment for me, because during our trip he made me feel like I was a good person and I needed to feel that at that moment. He really helped me realize a lot and I will always be grateful for that and, of course, for the nice bottle of rakia." (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

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