Gratitude Story from Pretoria, South Africa

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If you wanted to send a thank-you note to someone in your life, who would it be, and what is one of your best memories of that person? “If I got a chance, I would want to tell my mom, “Thank you for being a blessing, and thank you for being an example and a role model in my life. You are a godsend and a blessing. You have been such an example for me, and I hope that I can be even half as good a mother as you have been.” “I have so many memories of my mother. We had one trip, though that I particularly remember; it was just a short one. One night my sister’s roommate called, and she said that my sister was sick. They lived in Germiston (another city) and we had to drive there, though it was quite late and quite dark. The whole way there, I was hysterical. I just couldn’t believe how much composure my mother had and the comfort she offered me, all while knowing that her daughter was sick. Driving for an hour while your one daughter is sick and your other daughter is hysterical and keeping your composure… my mom was so amazing." (Pretoria, South Africa) .

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