Gratitude Story from Panama

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If you wanted to send a thank-you note to someone in your life, who would it be, and what is one of your best memories of that person? "I would have to thank my husband Daniel. He came into my life at a time of loneliness and gave me his support. He brought joy and new experiences into my life. He introduced me to a new world when he brought me with him to South Korea for his job at the embassy. He made me part of his family, and introduced me to his sons, who care for me. He has always been a thoughtful and helpful man. I’m grateful for his company and affection. We have a lot of memories from the time we were in South Korea. One of my favorites was when he asked me to represent Panama with him in an event in Seoul wearing the national costume, the Pollera and Montuno. He ordered and bought the Pollera for me with all of the accessories. We danced the Panamanian folk dance together, and the show was so beautiful that all of the other countries and attendants wanted to take pictures with us." (Panama, Panama) . . . #gratitude #thanks #positivevibes  #heartsign #storytelling #gratitudeisthebestattitude #kindnessmatters #inspiring #digithanks #gratitudedaily #storyteller #macedonia

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