Gratitude Story from Leskovac, Serbia

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If you wanted to send a thank-you note to someone in your life, who would it be, and what is one of your best memories of that person? "I would like to send a thank-you note to my “second parents,” Per and Karin from Norway, for all the support they provided to me during my studies there in 1971. Also, I would like to thank them for the most beautiful memories, the precious moments of a Christmas Eve spent with them and their three children at their home in the small town of Melbu on the island of Hadsel, one in which I received a lot of nice gifts and experienced their special way of celebrating this holiday, full of love and peace.They got together in their families and communities to have Christmas workshops to make cards, cakes, and decorations.  I am so glad that I was part of it. They were always willing to explain all their customs to me, and I always felt at home. I am looking forward to seeing them, their children and grandchildren next year here in Serbia." (Leskovac, Serbia) . . .  #gratitude #thanks #positivevibes  #parentslove #motherlover  #heartsign #storytelling #gratitudeisthebestattitude #kindnessmatters #inspiring #parents #digithanks #gratitudedaily #storyteller  #leskovac

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