Gratitude Story from Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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If you wanted to send a thank you note to someone in your life who would it be, and what is one of your best memories with that person? "I would send a thank you- note to my grandson Boris. I have so many memories with him and with my other grandchildren. Taking care of them was the best moments in my life. I remember how I used to take him to kindergarten every morning. He was so sleepy and moody; it was really hard to make him walk. So every morning I started to sing one song to help make him walk. The song was like this “Jump, jump little boy, jump, jump!” Every time I left him there in the kindergarten, he told me that I had to come and pick him up first, before any other child. And so I did, every afternoon. After kindergarten we went together for a walk and for some ice cream or other sweets. I was drinking coffee and he was eating ice cream. These were good memories from back then, but now I can tell you one from a few months ago. It was on Christmas Eve. It was the biggest surprise ever. The whole family was together at my daughter’s house as we don’t make celebrations at my house anymore because my husband is gone now. I don’t want anyone to miss him at the holidays. Holidays are for happiness. So we started to give each other presents and Boris told me that the my present is waiting at my home. At first I was shocked because I thought that he might give me a cat or a dog and I didn’t want a dog or cat. When I got home I was a bit scared what would be there. I was surprised to see a parrot.It was so beautiful and colorful. I was full of joy.  The Parrot and I are now living together and we keep each other’s company." (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) . . . #bulgaria #grandmother #grandson #gratitude #memory #story #digithanks

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