Gratitude Story from Macedonia, Kicevo

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If you wanted to send a thank-you note to someone in your life, who would it be, and what is one of your best memories of that person? Whom am I  thankful for? My kid, first and foremost, my kid. Maxim has been the light of my life, and I love him more than anything! He is three years old, and he recently started kindergarten, which is tough, since he doesn’t like it very much.  He cries for his mum always.  Ha ha 😀  My wife is the second of my choices; she has given me the gift of Maxim for which I shall be always thankful. She has had a hard time starting recently because she was with Maxim all the time. He took it really hard, and the first week he was crying a lot, but he has gotten used to it. 😀 Third, my mum and dad, although they live in France. I was born there, but they brought me here, and that was one of their best choices because of the friends I have here. I wouldn’t replace them with anyone. They raised me and gave me the chance to study at the best schools, and that made me the person I am today. (Kicevo,Macedonia) . . . .  #kicevo #macedonia #gratitude #digithanks #gratitudeisattitude

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