Gratitude Story from Banda Aceh, Indonesia

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If I were asked to send a thank-you note to someone, I would send it to my grandmother. "I loved her very much, and though she died two years ago, I have many wonderful memories with her. I was the only daughter in my family. My parents had only one child. My mom and dad are hardworking. They went to work in the morning and came home late in the afternoon; therefore, I was taken care of by my grandmother. In the morning, I was taken to grandma's house and was picked up after my parents came home from work. Grandmother lived alone in her house after grandfather died ten years ago. She is very glad that I visited her house every day. My grandmother is a kind, but disciplined woman; she is also a good cook. She often made my favorite: fried bananas. I liked them very much. Grandma is also a person who liked to spoil me, kept me company while I was sleeping, and advised me. My grandmother never yelled at me; in fact, she always defended me if my parents scolded me. She was the best grandmother. I really miss her." (Aceh, Indonesia) . . . #Aceh #Indonesia #gratitude #DigiThanks

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