News of Russian warship Moskva

 Important of Moskva?

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Earlier, Moscow published a report on the Syrian side of the border, as it defended Russian naval forces in the country.

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russian moskva

Moskva is the second-largest Russian ship?

Moskva is the second-largest Russian ship to have attacked aggressively with the Assault.

After 50 days of attacks by Vladimir Butin on the Martha, one of the most important Russian military ships in the Black Sea was a major blow to the Ukrainian resistance.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian Federation, which is following the Black Sea issue in the Black Sea, in Moscow, is being provoked by the explosion and detonation of reserves.
On Thursday, Moscow launched a campaign in the southern part of the Ukrainian capital, Moscow.
“In the Black Sea operational area, the cruise ship’s critical cruise, which was carried out by Main Route Moscow, followed by the Russian Black Sea Route – was randomly attacked,” the statement said. “The fire is burning. Other units have support from the Auxiliary Group, but the pressure and the explosion are strong enough to further sink Tara’s heart.”

Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday for Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday that Moscow “would like” and would send the letter to Minneapolis. The ministry said the transferee was transferred to another ship under the Black Sea in the region.

According to the Staff Charter

According to the Staff Charter, the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) is on occasion the first leader not to be recruited for the Moscow attack, and the first to be recruited for combat. Jason Lancaster, Chief of Staff Fighting in the US Navy.
In a letter to CIMSEC on Tuesday, he said the threat posed by cruisers off the coast like Nabton “does not reflect an exercise of aggression.”
Lancaster noted that the Russian ship “used the method to reduce the risk of discovery and increase the opportunity for self-defense”. “These changes in behavior have undermined Russia’s ability to recruit naval forces for good.

Battle Master Batalano

According to Battle Master Batalano: “Tell the Russians that today is the hard way.”
On the CIMSEC post, Lancaster noted that the British Royal Navy had lost its voyage from voyage due to its history with Argentina’s withdrawal from the Falklands War in 1982.
During the war, a British diver who sank with Argentine general Bulgaria was subjected to the US Navy in World War II in Moscow.

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