Day 1816: Finding gratitude

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

No matter what’s happening in the world, I’m finding gratitude somewhere and somehow.

Here and now, I’m easily finding gratitude because my son is coming home for the holidays. I’ll be finding him at the airport tonight.

Yesterday, I was finding gratitude at a medical center.


I was also finding gratitude when I saw these other images yesterday.



I’m finding this song on YouTube when I search for “finding gratitude”:

I’ll be finding gratitude if I find comments from you below, because


Of course, I’m finding gratitude for all who helped me create today’s post and for YOU.

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Martin Seligman, sometimes referred to as the ‘father of positive psychology’ is well known for his work on Learned Helplessness and working with soldiers who have PTSD. At the core of his work is a basic principle: knowing and experiencing what it is that makes you happy is the first step in achieving it. Seligman and others have been advocates for the benefits of gratitude in changing stress, anxiety, relationship problems, and more. It’s a rewiring of the brain that is so simple and yet so profound.

But going further back, the spiritual greats like Meister Eckhart, St. Paul, Buddha, all speak of the centrality of gratitude for a fulfilling life. Again there is a basic principle, that once we realise we have life, that we have enough, that we are good enough, there is a sense of contentment and fulfilment in a spirtual sense that…

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