Why you should be thankful for dating the wrong guy?


Relationships, dating, it’s fun at the start but with time, we lose. All that charm, love, beauty of being together, all that which seemed wonderful, it becomes underestimated. There comes in drama and heartbreaks. But remember, there is always one thing that a bad relationship teaches you, “The one in sight, wasn’t your Mr Right.” So, what to do? Where to go? How to overcome the time lost? Most importantly, was the person even worth the time?

All are worth the time, be it good or bad, they are all meant to teach and this is what our dating the wrong guy gives us. It gives a lesson. It gives an idea to wave a hand and say goodbye just with that one trait we see in our future. Either way, we must always be thankful for every person, even dating the wrong guy.

Reasons for thanking your past dates

Do not find a reason to thank them, think of it, there are dozens. Here is a list of 8 important ways they help us to be “US”.

1-You learn to value your own time. Yes, you do not feel comfortable around people looking for flings and short conversations. It’s like you can read their mind even before getting close to them. Trust it and lookout for a better future.

2-With your dating experiences with the bad guys, it is easy for you to determine, whether the other one is serious this time. Be aware. Surprise them, even before they do.

3-For those who want, they will come out and care and love and show how they feel for you. They will find time even on the busiest of day. Welcome them with open hands.

4-We learn to keep our boundaries. Even before a relationship reaches to be a compromise, our experience makes us back out and this not accept less than deserved.

5-Long gone are the time for an excuse as for today, we have our phones to amuse. The phone is the biggest help for today’s dates. A simple text can help determine the difference between an excuser and an actual stuck situation. Keep an eye.

6-Relationships, dating, all of it is meant to make you happy.“For ones who make you cry, they do not deserve to be in a relationship with thy.”

7-You learn to trust actions more than words. You know what you deserve and how you are to be treated. Knowing your worth can be the real gain from dating a wrong guy.

8-All the said above, it’s a means to overcome what seems to be a lost cause. One needs to know, “Who you give your heart, should be completely your life’s part,



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