Gratitude Story from Kumasi, Ghana

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If you wanted to send a thank-you note to someone in your life, who would it be, and what is one of your best memories of that person?“My name is Tracy Amankwaa, and my mum is someone to whom I really wish to send a thank you note. “One of the best memories I have of my mum was when I turned ten years old. I was in boarding school during that period, but mum didn’t hesitate: she came to visit me in school with my dad and celebrated my birthday with me at school. They brought a birthday cake, drinks, and biscuits for my friends and me. They came along with lots of food which fed almost all of my classmates along with some friends in other classes. I was really happy that day, and the day still lingers in mind”, said Tracy. “Then when I came home for the holiday, out of the blue, my mum told my siblings and me to dress up because she was taking us out. Thinking about where exactly she was taking us was such a nice feeling,” Tracy said.  My mum took us to The Rattary Park Kumasi where there was a lot of food and many games to play. “I met a lot of kids, most of whom I later became friends with. That day was filled with fun and enjoyment. We took pictures, and my mum also met up with an old friend of hers, a friend who had also come along with her family. Both families exchanged pleasantries and had an amazing time together. On our way home, my mum told me it was part of my post-birthday celebration. It was an amazing experience. ( Kumasi, Ghana) . . . #ghana #motherlove #gratitude #birthday #kumasi

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